ASME BPVC (ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code)

 ASME BPVC Sec. II: Material & Specification

 ASME BPVC Sec. V: Nondesctruetive Examination

 ASME BPVC Sec. VIII (Div I , 2): Rules for Construction of pressure Vessels

 ASME BPVS Sec. IX: Welding and Brazing Qualification


API (American Petroleum Institiute)

 API Standards 650 (Welded Tanks for Oil Storage)

 API Standards 620 (Design and Construction of large, welded, low pressure Storage Tanks)

 API Standards 12D: Specification for Fabrications & Erection of field welded Tanks for Storage of production liquids


IPS (Iranian Petroleum Standard)

IPS-C-ME-130 (Construction standard for LPG Pressure Storage Spheres)

IPS-E-ME-130 (Engineering standard for LPG Pressure Storage Spheres)

IPS-B-ME-150 (General standard for Towers, Reactors, Pressure vessels and Internals)

Board No. 1 (Commitments to Ethical Principles)


Honesty, integrity, respect, and productivity are the company’s essential ethics.

I intend to adhere to them in my speech and actions. If I am a manager, I will discuss the aforementioned principles with my employees and explain how they promote individual, family, business, and social well-being.

  1. Honesty:

1-1. When explaining the contents and giving oral and written reports of the events, I do it as accurately as possible without adding or deleting anything.

2-1. Even in little sums, I avoid being secretive about company concerns.

3-1. I respond as “exactly the truth” to the questions.

  1. Integrity:

1-2. I respect Integrity in all financial aspects, and I consider it one of the most severe cases in “myself” and “others” activities, and I do not allow this important flaw of backward societies to penetrate the corporate sphere.


1-3. I avoid making snap judgments about persons and colleagues.

2-3. I refuse to look into individuals’ and colleagues’ “private lives.”

3-3. I value cleanliness as a form of respect. As a result, I tidy my desk and cheerfully assist with the cleaning of the entire workplace.

4-3. I reject to rationalize wrongdoing by bravely using the words “I made a mistake” and “I apologize.”

5-3. I also avoid making jokes, insults, immoral words, and titles that are derogatory, as well as describing family activities (joking without referring to people is acceptable).

Board No.2 (Productivity Commitments)


“Productivity” is the fourth pillar of essential ethics. Productivity leads to success, happiness, and fulfillment in life, makes a person famous, and, in the end, makes him happy.

I commit to the following actions:

1) Advancement principles:

To further the project, I do the following:

1)Tasks should be written down and listed.

2) Putting them in order of priority.

3) Consider your technique of action.

4) Doing things in a decisive and resolute manner.

5) “Full completion” and gaining employer or job referral approval.

2) Discussion: The company places a high importance on “discussion sessions.” A conversation session can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. I will work hard to keep this value.

3) Clear question: Asking a “clear question” is sometimes preferable to trying to “explain.” I developed the ability to ask specific inquiries as I gained expertise.

4) There are three pillars in the organization: the organizational chart, job descriptions, and directions. As quickly as possible, I attempt to develop and follow them in any organization where I work.

5) Self-evaluation: I concentrate on the quality and quantity of my work, and if I don’t think they’re adequate, I speak with my manager and attempt to improve myself.

6) Risks: I strive to evaluate and analyze the risks that my unit faces so that I can notify my supervisor. Recognizing, announcing, and analyzing risks will be my ongoing activities.

7) Spillage: Because spillage is one of the leading causes of personal and organizational collapse, I avoid it and forbid others.

8) Notepad: I always keep a notebook with me and use it to write down items, list vital chores, and list all the significant information.