Quality Policy

Since 2008, Petrosazeh Beinolmelal Aram Co.(IPS) has been operating and investing in EPC oil and gas projects as a knowledge-based industrial contracting company. 

The company strives to improve the quality of its products, and in order to meet customer requirements, legal requirements, and field of activity requirements, a quality management system based on ISO9001: 2015 standard is established and maintained with the active participation of leaders, managers, supervisors, and all employees.

This company also place its actions under the aegis of the following massive, long-term objectives:

1-Adherence to board No. 1 (Commitments to Ethical Principles) and board No. 2 (Productivity Commitments).

2-increase the satisfaction of all beneficiaries (inside and outside the organization).

3- Increasing local and international market share, as well as developing activities and laying the groundwork for new market entry.

4- Cost-cutting, asset and property protection for the company.

5- Attracting, retaining, and increasing the productivity of the human workforce as the organization’s most important and valuable resource.

6- Increasing employee knowledge, awareness, and abilities, with the belief that their involvement is critical in encouraging growth and improving the organization’s performance.

7- Trying to regulate and decrease hazards and harmful variables in order to create a safe and healthy work environment.

8- Consistently improving attitudes, behaviors, and procedures in order to meet quality, environmental, safety, and occupational health, goals and plans.

9- Improving energy consumption

The company’s CEO has made continual development of organizational processes a top priority, and he is dedicated to developing an effective evaluation and corrective mechanism to improve process quality. He also considers that the policy’s objectives and the quality system’s requirements will be met with all employees’ cooperation, through the responsibilities, authorities, and duties assigned to each position and employee, and he is also committed to ensuring that the policy is understood throughout the organization. He considers that it’s appropriate for the company’s degree of capacity.