Combustion device (flare)

It is a combustion device that is used to burn and burn excess flammable and toxic liquids and gases, the combustion process of which leads to the production of carbon dioxide gas and its release into the atmosphere.


The ignition device is implemented


Flares are used in refineries and industrial facilities due to the fact that they burn the natural gases resulting from the formation of oil underground in a controlled manner during oil extraction and eliminate the risk of uncontrolled ignition of gases.


Due to the fact that natural gas flaring produces carbon dioxide, it leads to climate changes and depending on the purity of these gases, it releases other gases such as sulfur and nitrogen into the atmosphere, which combine with air humidity and rain. It creates acidity. In addition to environmental hazards, it causes diseases such as cancer, lung destruction and skin problems in people who are exposed to these gases.

Installation of ignition device

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