Heat exchanger

It is a device for effective heat transfer between two fluids (gas or liquid) where the heating source is the hot fluid, and the heat transfer mechanism in the heat exchanger is only displacement, and the cold and hot fluid are separated from each other by a fixed solid surface (tube or pipe). and transfer takes place through the mentioned level.

مبدل حرارتی


This equipment is widely used in various industries such as oil and gas refineries, chemical industries, electric power plants, smelting industry, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, manufacturing, etc. due to its high heat transfer coefficient, compact structure, easy cleaning and repair capabilities.


Poor flexibility and easy leakage and the need to periodically replace the washer are the weaknesses of this equipment. Also, due to deposition of dissolved particles and solid materials, deposition due to chemical reaction, corrosion, freezing, etc., a period should be considered for equipment cleaning.
The more fouling the fluid is, the more frequent the cleaning cycles will be.

Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger installation

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