Atmospheric cylinder tank

What are atmospheric reservoirs? Atmospheric storage tanks are used to store crude oil, petroleum products and other fluids at atmospheric pressure.
These tanks are used as intermediaries in production and process units to store fluids in a short time and with a specific volume.
Storage tanks without roof, fixed roof, floating roof, dome roof are types of cylindrical tanks.

مخزن استوانه ای اتمسفریک

Atmospheric cylinder tank


Due to the reasonable price of atmospheric storage tanks compared to pressure tanks and their efficiency to store fluids for a short or long time, they are an integral part of refineries or factories producing chemical products.


Two very important points during the operation of this type of tanks are to prevent the excessive increase of pressure inside the atmospheric tanks and also to prevent the excessive decrease of the pressure inside the tanks and to pay attention to the safety requirements.

Types of atmospheric tanks

Cylindrical atmospheric tanks are used to store liquids and chemicals, which are made in different types according to the type of application.

  • Open atmospheric tank or atmospheric tanks without a roof: these tanks have been welcomed due to their lower design and construction costs and are mostly used to store water in fire stations or water used for cooling industrial equipment.
  • Fixed roof atmospheric tanks: Fixed roof atmospheric tanks are a type of cylindrical tanks whose roofs are welded and they are called fixed roofs. The roof of this type of tank can be flat, domed or conical.
  • Domed atmospheric tanks: Domed roof cylindrical tanks are a type of tanks with a fixed roof. Tanks with a domed roof can store materials with a vapor pressure greater than atmospheric but less than that of a spherical or ball-shaped tank.
  • Floating Roof Atmospheric Tanks: They are an example of cylindrical tanks that are designed, manufactured and installed by Petrosazeh Beinolmelal Aram Co. These types of tanks are divided into two types of internal and external floating roofs. In this type of tanks, the roof is installed in such a way that it remains on the surface of the floating material and goes up and down when the liquid level changes.

Why entrust the installation of a cylindrical tank to Petrosazeh?

Considering the wide application of this equipment in various industries and not only limited to oil and gas industries; The implementation of similar projects in compliance with domestic and international oil and gas standards has a significant impact on the quality and final output of the work.

Petrosazeh Beinolmelal Aram Co, by complying with all the standards set by the client, commitment to timely implementation of the project, fully complying with the safety principles and relying on the technical knowledge and expertise of its skilled workforce, has so far completed many projects in line with the construction of fixed roof cylindrical tanks and It has implemented a floating roof and has succeeded in obtaining a certificate of good performance from its employers.

Construction of two floating roof cylindrical tanks with a capacity of 500,000 barrels for South Pars, two fixed roof cylindrical tanks for Pasargad Oil Company, nine fixed and floating roof cylindrical tanks for Poldokhter Refinery Unit Tank Farm, three roof cylindrical tanks Fixed and floating Bistoun Petrochemical etc. are among the working experiences of this company to manufacture this product.

Construction of atmospheric tanks

Petrosazeh Beinolmelal aram Co is the operator of all types of fixed oil and gas equipment, pressurized and atmospheric storage tanks. This complex operates the best atmospheric storage tanks in the region by using the expert force and modern knowledge of the world. Call for expert advice on the design, construction and installation of an atmospheric storage tank.