About us

Company Introduction

Petrosazeh Beinolmelal Aram Co. (IPS) is active in field of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), and operation of refinery, petrochemical and power plant fix equipment for nearly two decades. It is the first private company in EPC of spherical tanks and preforms handover of mega project in Iran.

About us

In order to globally develop its competitive ability, the Company puts its main focus on engineering, constructing and installing the spherical tanks which was leaded to launch the most massive hydraulic press in Iran in 2014 (3,000 metric tons) in the industrial zone of Semnan,Iran. Using its experts and previous successful experiences, this company has the full ability to perform engineering, procurement, construction, and installation of spherical tanks and is the only knowledge based company in construction of spherical tanks in Iran.
Having the indigenous “handover oriented” knowledge, the company has well actualized customer care and repeatedly experienced the ideal accomplishment of the previous projects along with employers.

Capabilities and facilities of the company

Petrosazeh Beinolmelal Aram Co (IPS) was selected by the Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Affairs as the “Top Entrepreneur” of Tehran Province in 2013, and as the “Top Innovator” in 2015 and at the 9th International Management Conference The project presented the knowledge of “delivery-oriented style in the completion of huge projects” and succeeded in registering it. Also, in March 2014, the name of this company was included in the list of knowledge-based companies by the Vice President of Science and Technology, and in 2016, it was selected as one of the top 100 brands of the country. This company is trying to set new records in the implementation of industrial projects by realizing the slogan “Iranian knowledge and global competition”.

Petrosazeh Beinolmelal Aram Co, relying on technical and local knowledge, attracting committed and expert personnel, benefiting from the experience of senior managers of the organization and using world-class hardware and software facilities in its field of work, has achieved many successes in the implementation and completion of projects. It has acquired oil, gas and petrochemicals inside and outside the country.

This company has the following valuable experiences in its work records:

  • Design, Construction & Commissioning of Mini Refineries
  • Design, Manufacture & Commissioning of LPG Plants
  • Design, Manufacture & Commissioning of Oil Product Plants
  • Design and Manufacture of Fixed Equipment in Refineries, Petrochemicals and Power Plants
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) of Spherical and PressureTanks
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) of Atmospheric StorageTanks and Cylindrical Floating & Fixed Roof

  • Implementation of Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Refinery, Power Plant and Industrial Projects as a General Contractor

  • Handover Management in the Oil, Gas and Power Plant Industries

Hardware facilities of the company

The most important facilities of this company are as follows:

    • Construction factory with total area of 12872 square meters located in Semnan Industrial town
    • 3000 tons hydraulic press (heaviest hydraulic press for construction of spherical tanks) with the forming capibility upto TKH.: 120 mm
    • Head office with an area of 800 square meters in 3 floors
    • All light and heavy machines and tools required for the construction and installation of spherical tanks, the construction and installation of fixed equipment for refinery and petrochemical industries
    • All automatic and manual tools required for construction and installation of spherical tanks and other petrochemical fixed equipment
    • All tools required for NDT tests such as UT, PAUT and MT
    • All tools required for hydro test such as pressure pumps, Hydro Test pump, valves and high pressure gages
    • All tools required for PWHT such as recorders, high pressure blower, torch and…
    • All tools required for painting and sandblast such as high pressure compressor (14 bar, 950 cfm), colour pots, airless, clour gun and electrical mixer