Design and construction of a cylindrical tank

طراحی و ساخت مخزن استوانه ای

Cylindrical pressure vessel industry is developing and updating and every company is looking for progress in this field. Any company that wants to use these tanks must have enough information about the process of designing and manufacturing a cylindrical tank. This article fully introduces the methods and stages of designing and constructing a pressurized cylindrical tank.

Analysis of the work environment

The company’s design team uses its expertise and experience to provide a high quality and safe cylinder tank. The use of advanced software for modeling and simulation is one of the measures that help to improve the performance and safety of the tank.


Cylindrical tank design and construction steps

Construction standards:

Choosing the right standard based on the type and application of the tank is very important. The use of standards such as ASME, API, and ASTM emphasizes that the pressure vessel meets all safety and quality parameters.

Choosing and buying steel sheet:

This stage includes the selection and purchase of steel sheets with appropriate alloys, which is done according to the environmental conditions and the type of liquid in the tank.

Tank design and simulation:

The use of up-to-date engineering software for accurate design and stress simulation and computer analysis are among the measures that help improve tank performance and safety.

Construction and assembly:

At this stage, following the details of the design drawings, the body of the tank is assembled with standard weldings.

Installation of base and skirt:

The design and installation of base and skirt structures is done according to the final weight of the tank and environmental conditions.

Painting, coating and insulation:

This stage includes the application of colored coatings and thermal insulation, which is necessary to maintain the temperature and prevent heat exchange with the surrounding environment.

Final test and download:

The final test of the tank is carried out using advanced equipment and by performing detailed inspections to ensure the absence of leaks and defects.

New technologies in the design and construction of cylindrical tank

Artificial intelligence software:

The use of artificial intelligence algorithms and models in the design of reservoirs provides the possibility of improving accuracy in the analysis of possible problems and various simulations.


Advanced welding technology:

Applying advanced welding techniques such as sub-powder welding using rotary methods and CNC machines leads to more precision and strength in welding joints.

In order to protect the environment and reduce the negative effects of industry on the environment, it is possible to choose renewable energy for different stages of production and construction.


Challenges and solutions in the design and construction of a cylindrical tank

Heat management:

With the increase in the use of tanks in various thermal conditions, the heat management of tanks becomes more important. Using thermal coating methods with the selection of suitable materials is one of the solutions.

Structural stability:

Designing and installing foundations and tank skirts in such a way as to ensure the stability of the structure against external forces is an important challenge.

Thermal insulation:

It is vital to choose and use optimal thermal insulation to prevent heat loss and maintain the temperature inside the tank.

The future of steel cylindrical tanks industry:

Continuous development in the field of technology, updating of standards and efforts to improve technologies show the future of methods and methodologies for designing and manufacturing steel cylindrical tanks. We are committed to continuing research and development in this field to meet the ever-increasing industrial needs.



Petrosazeh Company emphasizes quality, safety, and global standards by using modern methods in the design and construction of steel cylindrical tanks under pressure. Using advanced equipment and expert team, this company’s products respond to industrial needs with high quality and optimal performance. These efforts lead to sustainable development and improvement of the pressure vessel industry and ensure safety and quality in various projects.

For many years, we have been working in the field of cylindrical tank, spherical tank and all kinds of fixed equipment of oil and gas company and we are proud to have satisfied our customers for several decades and have successful projects with large companies and the petrochemical industry. We have implemented

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