Contract title

During the final critical phases of the national project to Expansion and Upgrading the Shazand Imam Khomeini Refinery Company and at final stage of the project (93% in progress), IPS was contractually involved to manage the handover of the units to the end-user.

Collecting specialists, defining the duties of all groups and codifying the administrative approaches toward passing each refinery unit through Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up stages, Handover management has obtained mechanical completion certificate for all units and then managed to obtain Provisional Acceptance Certificate by running operability & performance tests.

It is magnificently noticeable that IPS Co. played an important role in completion of the national project of Shazand-Arak Refinery Expansion and Upgrading Project by using the latest knowledge of management, developing the accurate administrative procedures, timely supply of skilled manpower and full handover of documents related to the refinery units, etc. Also the company has been honored for its good service and effectiveness on timely accomplishment of this national project.

In the form of two separate contracts:

Handover management for the units of the project of Shazand-Arak Refinery Expansion and Upgrading Project
Completion of installation, testing, flushing. Reinstate of UG and pipelines fire, cooling tower system testing, Box up of spherical tanks at Area 5 and 7


  • Rich to the “handover-oriented knowledge in completion of mega projects” and registering it in the Internatinal Conference on projects management.
  • Commissioning of refining units by International IPS Co. as the first private company in Iran.