Types of Rotary Refinery Equipment

Refineries play an essential role in the country’s industry, and anything that causes growth and progress in the refinery industry is certainly significant. With the growth and advancement of technology, fixed and rotating equipment has come to the aid of this industry. Here we are going to review the types of rotary equipment of the refinery.

Types of rotary refinery equipment

There are many types of refinery rotating equipment, which we will review here and give a detailed definition of each rotating equipment as follows:

Gear Pump:

It is a type of pump that uses gears to create fluid flow in the system. The liquid flow is created by the rotation of the ribs

Diaphragm Pump:

It is a pump that increases the pressure in a specific volume by moving the diaphragm (a flexible membrane) and moves the liquid.

Dosing pump:

It is a pump that injects a precise volume of liquid into the system in a precise manner and with a limited number of rounds. It is usually used in precise and controlled processes.

Mono Pump:

It is a type of pump that moves liquid by moving a spiral inside a pipe. This pump is used to transfer materials with solid and viscous particles.

Centrifugal Pump:

It is a pump that sends liquid to the pump outlet by centrifugal force by rotating a propeller (rotor).

Piston Pump:

It is a pump that sends liquid to the pump outlet by moving the piston inside a cylinder. These pumps are used to create high pressure and transfer thick liquids.

Hydraulic Turbine:

It is a rotating equipment that generates electricity by using the energy stored in water and converting it into mechanical energy. Its types include platonic and plantonic turbines.

Steam Turbine:

It is a turbine that produces mechanical energy by using thermal energy produced from water vapor. These types of turbines are usually used in thermal power plants.

Gas Turbine:

It is a turbine that moves by burning fuel gas (such as natural gas or oil) and converting thermal energy into mechanical energy. These turbines are used in power plants and airplanes.

Electric Motor:

It is an electrical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy by producing a magnetic field due to changes in electric current.


It is a mechanical device that reduces its volume by increasing the gas or steam pressure and transfers mechanical energy to the gas. It is used to compress air in various industries.


It is a mechanical device that regulates the speed and torque of a machine or device using gears. It is used in turbines, engines, and other mechanical devices.

 Application of rotating refinery equipment

Rotating equipment in refineries plays an essential role in various processes and operations. These equipments are used to transfer energy, materials, and perform mechanical operations in oil and gas refining processes. Below are some applications of rotating equipment in refineries:


Centrifugal Pumps: They are used to transfer petroleum liquids and compressed gases in various pumping systems.

Gear Pumps: They are used to transfer thick and particulate materials to feed and transfer petroleum materials to controllers or processing units.


Hydraulic turbines (Hydraulic Turbines): They are used to exploit water energy in refinery processes and provide electrical energy.

Electric motors:


Electric Motors: Used to transmit mechanical power to various equipment such as pumps, gearboxes, and compressors in various refinery processes.



Compressors: They are used to increase the pressure of various gases (including compressed petroleum gases) for the purpose of transportation and storage.


Used to adjust the speed and torque of electric motors and other rotating equipment in various refinery systems.

Steam Turbines: They are used to convert thermal energy derived from the combustion of fuels into mechanical energy to provide electrical energy and other processes in refineries.

Diaphragm pumps:

They are used for transporting sensitive and edible liquids in processes such as transporting pure petroleum products.

Dosing Pumps: They are used for accurate and proportional injection of chemicals into refinery processes.

All these rotating equipments are used in refineries in order to optimize processes, increase productivity, and safety in the production and transfer of oil and gas products.

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