Advantages and disadvantages of spherical tank

The spherical tank is one of the basic elements in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries. These tanks act as vital structures in the storage and transportation of pressurized materials and gases. In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of using a spherical tank are examined.

Introduction of spherical pressure tank
Spherical pressure tank is a storage facility for liquids or gases under pressure. Its external shape is similar to a sphere, which is why it is called “spherical”. These tanks are made of various materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, composite sheets, etc. Spherical tanks have thick walls that help withstand high pressure.

1. Better storage of liquids and gases
Due to its geometric shape, the spherical tank improves the storage capacity. This structure, which is spherical, provides more volume of liquids compared to other structures.

  1. Uniform distribution of pressure
    The spherical shape of the tanks helps to distribute the pressure inside it more evenly. This important feature helps to reduce the risks caused by sudden changes in pressure and temperature.
  2. Structural stability
    The spherical shape of the tanks gives them more structural stability. This feature helps to resist external pressures and internal pressure drop.
  3. Adaptation to environmental conditions
    Spherical tanks are well adapted to environmental conditions. This shape prevents the accumulation of ice and sediments and protects the tanks against different weather conditions.
  4. Safe storage
    It is very safe to use spherical pressure tanks in the storage of dangerous and flammable materials. These tanks are equipped with safety methods, such as protection and pressure reducing systems.
  5. Compliance with standards
    Spherical pressure vessels are usually well aligned with standards and regulations for the storage and transportation of pressurized materials. This compliance with standards in terms of safety and performance assures users.
  6. Productivity in transportation
    Spherical pressure tanks create higher efficiency in the transportation of pressurized materials and gases due to the larger volume of liquids they are able to store. This means a reduction in the number of trips and costs associated with transportation.
  7. Wide applications
    Spherical pressure tanks are used in various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical industries, and even in energy storage facilities due to the many advantages they offer.


  1. Space occupancy factor
    Although the spherical shape of the tank has its advantages, in some cases, this shape may be considered as a disadvantage. The space occupancy factor may lead to problems in cases where there is limited space for the structure.
  2. Complexity of construction
    The construction and installation of spherical pressure tanks may have its own complications. This can lead to more cost and time for construction and installation.
  3. The need for special equipment and expertise
    For the construction, installation, and maintenance of spherical pressure vessels, there is a need for special equipment and expertise, which may cause problems at times.
  4. Needs careful maintenance
    Spherical pressure vessels require careful maintenance to ensure their health and optimal performance. This maintenance requirement may result in additional costs.
  5. Explosion risk
    If spherical pressure tanks are not maintained properly or problems occur due to the structure of the tank, there is a risk of explosion and danger to life.

The use of spherical pressure vessels as an important tool plays a fundamental role in various industries. Considering their advantages and disadvantages, the selection of these types of tanks should be done carefully and according to the specific needs and conditions of each project. In technical and economic studies, we can determine whether the use of these reservoirs is profitable or not. But in general, spherical pressure vessels are recognized as a suitable option for things like storage of liquids and gases, safe transportation of these materials, and use in multiple locations. Keep in mind that any use of spherical pressure tanks must be done in accordance with the relevant standards and conditions.

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