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Publishing and unveiling of Mr. Engineer Saeed Hamednia’s book

Publication and unveiling of the book of Mr. Engineer Saeed Hamednia; The late founder of Aram Petrosazeh Beinolmelal Aram Co with the title “575 experiences for a moderate life” on the first anniversary and the mourning of this honorable man by his children. Mr. Engineer Hamednia’s emphasis has been on the fact that after reading […]

Petrosazeh Beinolmelal Aram Co was awarded a 4-star rating in the Danesh Export Companies Club

Petrosazeh Beinolmelal Aram Co was awarded a 4-star rating in the Danesh Export Companies Club By holding the second annual gathering of knowledge-based export companies with the presence of Dr. Dehghan Firouzabadi; Honorable vice president for science, technology and economy, in the Presidential Knowledge Foundation in February 1402, which was held in Tehran, the best […]

Application of cylindrical tank in petrochemical industry

Here we are trying to explain the role and importance of cylindrical tank application in petrochemical industry. Cylindrical tank is a type of storage tank that has a cylindrical shape. These types of tanks are used in various industries due to their special geometric shape. Cylindrical tanks are also widely used in the petrochemical industry, […]

Application of spherical tank in petrochemical industry

If we want to explain about the application of the spherical tank in the petrochemical industry and its importance. Spherical tanks are one of the important equipments in petrochemical, oil and gas, and chemical industries. These tanks are usually used as pressure tanks to store and maintain liquids and gases, crude oil, oil derivatives and […]

Application of pressure tank

The pressure tank, as one of the vital elements in industrial structures, plays a very important role in the transfer and storage of gaseous materials and high-pressure liquids. Due to their great importance, these tanks are used in various industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, etc., and they play an irreplaceable role in […]

Obtaining ISO international standard certificates

Petrosazeh Beinolmelal Aram Co succeeded in obtaining ISO 16528-1: 2007 certificates after being evaluated by Tufnord Company (TUV QC Limited) and qualifying in December 1402; International standard for design, construction and installation of pressure vessels, ISO 29001: 2020; International standard for quality management in the field of products and services in oil, gas and petrochemical […]

The role of the cylindrical tank under pressure in the development of the industry

Cylindrical tanks under pressure are one of the vital components in the transfer, storage and management of gases and liquids in the industry. Due to their unique characteristics, these reservoirs play a very important role in industrial progress. In this article, we will examine the role of cylindrical pressure tanks and their impact on the […]