All kinds of rotating equipment

The rotary equipment of the refinery, along with the fixed equipment (fixed equipment of the oil and gas industry), are known as vital components in the oil and gas refining systems. These equipments, from gearboxes and compressors to turbines and pumps, play a significant role in increasing the efficiency of processes, reducing costs and increasing the safety of systems.

In this article, various types of rotating equipment of the refinery, including gearboxes, compressors, turbines (gas, hydraulic, and steam), gear pumps, and other equipments are discussed.


Gearboxes are one of the basic components in refineries. These devices are used to transfer power and change speed from one engine to other parts of the system. Gearboxes are very important due to the ability to adjust the speed and increase the cycle of the equipment.


Compressors are used in the gas and oil refining process to increase the gas pressure and their density. Different types of compressors include several models such as piston, screw, and gas. Choosing the right type of compressor is based on process needs and environmental conditions.


Turbines include:

gas turbine:

The gas turbine works on the principle of jet and vortex and converts the energy of fuel gases into mechanical energy. These equipments are used as power generators or drive compressors in refineries.

Hydraulic turbine:

Hydraulic turbines produce mechanical energy based on water flow and water level change. These equipments are usually used in dams and hydropower plants.

Steam turbine:

Steam turbines convert steam or fuel gases into mechanical energy. These turbines are used to generate electricity or transfer power in industrial processes.

4.Gear pumps:

Gear pumps are important equipment in refineries. These pumps are used to transfer power from gears and are used to move liquids in various oil and gas processes.

5.Diaphragm and dosing pumps: 

Diaphragm pumps are used to transfer liquids with special characteristics. These pumps are very effective in processes such as the transfer of chemicals and pharmaceuticals due to the ability to accurately control the flow of liquids. For example, dosing pumps are used to precisely add chemicals to processes.

6.Mono pump:

Mono pumps are a type of piston pumps that are used to pump liquids with a viscosity of one to one million centipoise, as well as liquids with solid and two-phase particles. These pumps with high efficiency and ability to transfer materials with different characteristics are used in different parts of refineries.

7.Centrifugal pump:

Centrifugal pumps use electric motors or steam turbines to transport materials. These pumps are usually used in processes that require a wide pressure range.

8.Industrial gearboxes:

Industrial gearboxes are also important equipment in refineries. These gearboxes are used to transfer power and change speed in a variety of machines, including pumps and compressors. These equipments increase efficiency and reduce costs.

9.Special gearboxes:

Special gearboxes are designed for special conditions. For example, gearboxes are manufactured to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high or low temperatures, dust, and certain oil conditions.


Boilers are used in refineries to generate steam. The steam produced is used in various processes including oil conversion, distillation and refining. Boilers must be able to withstand pressure and temperature.

11.Gas compressors:

Gas compressors are used in refineries to increase the pressure of gases. These equipments are used in processes such as gas injection into oil tanks to increase the productivity of oil tanks.

12.Water pumps:

Water pumps are used for areas of refineries that require irrigation systems. These pumps are used to supply water to different parts of the refinery and maintain humidity in some processes.


Rotating equipment, like fixed equipment in refineries, by performing various tasks, from the production of gases and liquids to the transfer and storage of petroleum products, contribute to the efficiency and optimal performance of processes. Improving these equipments and updating them with new technologies can help increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption in the refining industry. Also, careful management and maintenance of this equipment is very important to achieve maximum safety and efficiency in refineries.

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