Application of cylindrical tank in petrochemical industry

Here we are trying to explain the role and importance of cylindrical tank application in petrochemical industry.

Cylindrical tank is a type of storage tank that has a cylindrical shape. These types of tanks are used in various industries due to their special geometric shape.

Cylindrical tanks are also widely used in the petrochemical industry, and here we explain some of the uses of cylindrical tanks in the petrochemical industry.

Cylindrical tank application in the petrochemical industry:

Liquid storage:

Cylindrical tanks are used to store chemical liquids such as oil, gases, chemicals and food.

Storage of liquids in cylindrical tanks is done in different stages and using different equipment.

First of all, the type of liquid to be stored in the cylindrical tank must be determined. This liquid may contain oil, gas, chemicals, etc. Cylindrical tanks should be made large enough to store the desired liquid.

These tanks may be made of pressure and corrosion resistant metals such as steel. A suitable internal coating or membrane is installed to prevent the liquid from interacting with the tank wall and to protect it from corrosion or chemical changes.

The desired liquid is injected into the tank. This fluid may be injected through tubes or special systems. During the liquid injection process, pressure and temperature must be carefully controlled.

Automatic control systems are usually used for this purpose. Storage of liquids in cylindrical tanks is used in various industries, including the petrochemical industry, due to their resistant structure and flexibility in use in different conditions.

Chemical processes:

Cylindrical tanks are used to carry out chemical processes such as compounding, separation and purification of chemicals.

In the chemical process, the cylindrical tank is used as a storage unit and performing chemical operations. In the process of compounding, different chemicals are combined with each other and create a new compound.

Cylindrical tanks are usually used to store and mix predefined materials, and these tanks can contain liquid or gas mixtures that are injected into the tank by pumping systems and mixers and transformed in it.

In the separation process, different materials are separated from each other. The separation process can be done by absorption, evaporation, or distillation processes.

Cylindrical tanks are usually used for separation and storage of separated materials. For example, if there are two different liquids with two different densities, they can be separated in a cylindrical tank.

In the purification process, various materials such as impurities or undesirable components are purified from the original materials. Cylindrical tanks may act as purification tanks or contain refined raw materials in this process.

In any chemical process, temperature and pressure control are critical. Cylindrical tanks can be used to maintain the required temperature and pressure conditions in chemical processes.

 In carrying out these processes, the control systems constantly monitor the critical processes. Also, equipment such as pumps, mixers, separation systems and purification equipment are used in these processes.

Energy production and storage:

Cylindrical tanks play an important role in the production and storage of various energies, especially fuel gases.

These tanks are used to store, transport and maintain fuel gases for use in energy production processes or other uses.

These gases can include natural gas, liquid petroleum gases (such as propane and butane) or other fuel gases. Cylindrical tanks are used as safe and secure places to store these gases.

Fuel gases usually require a certain pressure to function properly in the transmission and consumption processes. Cylindrical tanks allow gas pressure to be kept within safe and defined limits.

Cylindrical tanks are used to transport fuel gases to the intended destination due to their strong and resistant structure. This transportation can be done by sea, road, or railway.

Energy conservation:

Cylindrical tanks are used for energy storage due to their high storage capacity and adaptability to different environmental conditions. These tanks are used as one of the methods of energy storage during times of peak demand or when the need for energy is less.

Use in different industries:

Fuel gases stored in cylindrical tanks are used as an energy source in various industries including power generation, heating, and chemical industries.

Cylindrical tanks with advantages such as ease of transportation, high storage capability in less space, and pressure adjustment capability are very important in the field of storage and use of fuel gases.

Implementing a cylindrical tank

Cylindrical body:

It forms the main part of the tank and holds the liquid or gas.

Inner membrane or covering:

It is used in this way to prevent liquid or gas from interfering with the wall of the tank and to prevent corrosion or chemical changes of the components.

Outer wall:

The outer wall of the tank acts as a protective layer against impact, heat, and various environmental conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a cylindrical tank in the petrochemical industry


They occupy less space: due to their cylindrical shape, cylindrical tanks occupy less space and are more optimally placed in limited spaces.

High pressure resistance: Cylindrical structure makes the tanks more resistant to internal pressures.

Density of liquids: Due to the cylindrical shape, the density of liquids inside the tank increases.


Difficulty in installation and transportation: Due to the specific geometric shape, installation and transportation of cylindrical tanks may be difficult.

High construction cost: Construction and maintenance of cylindrical tanks may be expensive.

Limited opening: Since these tanks have a fixed shape, the possibility of opening them for repairs and maintenance may be limited.

The use or non-use of a cylindrical tank depends on the specific needs and conditions of each industry and project.

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